Carlsbad - Canal St Demo (Demo Buildings at Halagueno, Roosevelt, & S Canal St)

Scope of Work:
1. Supervision, Trash, Permits, Fuel, & Final Clean-up
2. Temporary Fence During Demolition
3. All waste debris will be transported and properly disposed as non-hazardous, non-regulated material (construction and demolition debris).
4. Asbestos Abatement Complete
5. Demolition & dispose of all buildings in clouded areas including foundations (protecting building to remain). 
6. Coordinate with/and disconnect/cap all utilities back at property line including electrical, gas, water, & sewer. 
7. Provide final survey of all locations of capped utilities with sizes. 
8. Rough grade site at Completion of demo. 
9. Perimeter sidewalks to be protected and to remain as-is.

Owner: Peterson Burge Enterprises

Location: Carlsbad, NM

WSCI Staff

Mike Ford

Phone: 575-430-7506