Corralitos Regional Landfill Cell 4A

Project, of which the Work under Contract Documents is a part, is generally described as South
Central Solid Waste Authority Corralitos Regional Landfill Cell 4A, Dona Ana County, New
General construction efforts at the waste disposal facility:
a. Surveying;
b. Control of dust, stormwater, and erosion;
c. Offloading and storing geosynthetic materials;
d. Excavating and stockpiling soils in designated soil stockpile area(s) or placing and compacting soils as engineered structural fill;
e. Site grading, preparing finished subgrade;
f. Constructing temporary surface water control features;
g. Installing double-geosynthetic liner atop prepared subgrade;
h. Installing leachate-collection system components;
i. Installing leak-detection system;
j. Installing protective-soil layer;
k. Constructing access ramp;
l. Constructing reinforced concrete and caliche-entrance road;
m. Preparing as-built Drawings.

Completion Date: 03/30/2021

Owner: South Central Solid Waste Authority

Architect: Gordon Environmental/PSC

Location: Las Cruces, NM

WSCI Staff

David Malett

Phone: 575-491-8208