Dona Ana County MVRDA 911 Center

The new 911 center is responsible for handling all emergency communications and dispatch for Doña Ana County. A spacious dispatch room — where emergency communications personnel will keep in touch with law enforcement, other public safety agencies and community residents — is filled with consoles and office furniture. In all, the room contains 25 work stations for dispatchers. It is the most advanced 911 center in the entire state of New Mexico.

Work included: The scope of work includes all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to construct the new 18,700 +/- SF 911 emergency call center with secured employee parking and perimeter.

Structure is steel and CMU; steel studs; gypsum board walls; insulation; metal and single ply roofs; stucco and steel exterior wall panels; carpet and tile flooring; electrical HVAC; data; asphalt parking; landscaping; etc

The center is built on a piece of land owned by the county just north of the Doña Ana County Government Center, 845 N. Motel Blvd.

Security Features

The building design factors in a number of security and sustainable-building features.

For instance, there will be vehicle barriers around the building, built into the property's drainage system; bulletproof walls; bulletproof windows; and pass-card entry into the building's non-public areas. The security features will have aesthetics for the benefit of the dispatch employees.

Stucco, stone and fiberglass — which will allow for diffused natural light to enter the building — will be prominent building materials. The plans allow for solar panels to be added eventually and xeriscaping is planned.

The structure will be elevated about two feet above the 500-year flood level.

Room to Grow

This facility is laid out so it can be expanded in the future.



Sq Ft: 18782

Completion Date: 03/01/2016

Owner: Dona Ana County

Architect: Steve Newby Architects

Location: Las Cruces, NM

WSCI Staff

Catlin Curry

Phone: 575-437-7816