HAFB - Building 202 Extension of Security Server Room

The scope of this delivery order involves design and construction of a 40’ x 50’ addition to the Network Control Center Server Room in Building 202.  

Selective demolition of the existing building was required to accommodate the new addition. This included removal of an exterior wall knock-out panel at the new entry location and removal of a tree.

A rib foundation (Type V concrete) with capillary water barrier and vapor barrier was installed. Existing grade beams were chamfered ½” on the exterior exposed corner to match the existing concrete beam.

The addition is constructed of light beige brick veneered exterior walls with a dark brown double soldier course to match the existing facility. Exterior walls provided an R-13 insulation value.

The new roof is a three-ply felt with granule-surfaced modified bitumen cap sheet built-up roofing membrane system with crickets providing an R-18 insulation value. Daylight downspouts were installed approximately 10’ from all foundation walls.

A new double 3’0”/7’0” solid glass door with a hollow metal frame, hardware, lever handle, sound stripping, threshold, closers and door stops was installed at the knock-out location connecting the addition to the existing building.

Interior sides of the new structure received metal studs faced with 5/8” painted gypsum board with 4” high cove base. Metal casing beads were installed on all wall corners.

Ceilings are 2’ x 2’ off-white suspended textured acoustical ceiling tiles with tegular edge and a suspended metal grid.

The raised access flooring system was installed at a height of 16” and was grounded for safety hazard and static control suppression.

HVAC work included relocation of two air handling units (AHUs) and installation of a new HVAC roof top unit.

Lighting included 2’x 4’ energy efficient fixtures with T8 electronic ballasts and minimal illumination of 50 foot-candles at 39” from the finished floor. Other lighting included emergency and exit lighting. Exterior lighting with photo sensors control was installed at the perimeter of the addition.

A new electrical panel was provided with 60 circuits and 52 dedicated 20 amp, 120VAC, 60-Hz duplex receptacle power outlets were provided for communication equipment, each on a separate branch circuit. Additional 120-VAC convenience outlets were installed at walls. Multiple-point grounding was provided for all communications and electronic equipment.

Additional motion sensors were installed in the addition and integrated to the existing Advantor panel.

Sq Ft: 2,000

Completion Date: 07/28/2009

Owner: Holloman Air Force Base

Architect: Vision Architecture

Location: HAFB, NM