HAFB - Building 824 Roof Renovation

This contract that involved design and construction activities related to the replacement of an existing roof. Work required demolition of the 31,100 s.f. 5-ply built-up roofing system including gutters, downspouts, metal fascias, metal edge, asbestos roofing and flashing, wood curbs, wood nailers and pitch pockets. The existing HVAC systems were removed and reinstalled upon completion of the construction activities.

The new roof is a 3-ply built-up roofing system with granule-surfaced modified bitumen cap sheet with flashing and expansion joints. Roof insulation was installed over the existing office area providing an R-value of 19. Roof openings were closed with corrugated metal roofing and light weight concrete. Treated wood fascia and curbs with new nailers and anchors, wood cant strips were installed and received caulking and sealants as required to waterproof. New roof walkways and walk pads were installed. Roof paver blocks were set for support of heavy bearing components and for irregular base bearings. New lightweight pipe, conduit and drainage lines were installed.

Sq Ft: 31,100

Completion Date: 04/19/2009

Owner: Holloman Air Force Base

Architect: Vision Architecture

Location: HAFB, NM

WSCI Staff

Catlin Curry

Phone: 575-437-7816