Inn of the Mountain Gods - Convention Center Restroom Remodel

  • Protect Existing 18"x18" Floor Tile to Remain
  • Demo Existing 4"x4" Wall Tile/Cove and Tile Backerboard as Required
  • Demo Existing Solid Surface Counters and Brackets as Required
  • Remove, Store, and Reinstall Existing Toilet Accessories
  • Furnish & Install New Solid Surface Vanity Tops with Integral Sinks and Backsplashes to Bottom of Existing Mirrors in Men’s & Women’s Restroom. New ADA Brackets and Aprons/Kick panels will be Installed to Conceal Piping
  • Prep & Patch Existing Drywall Ceilings and Repaint Complete in all Three Restrooms
  • Prep & Paint Existing Hollow Metal Door Frames 
  • Furnish & Install New Wall/Base Tile from Floor to Ceiling at all Walls in all Three Restrooms with Metal Inside and Outside Corners (Lighting Fur downs will Receive Paint on Faces)
  • Furnish & Install New Vertical 18” Grab Bars in ADA Stalls in All Three Restrooms to Meet New Code
  • Remove & Replace 1-12”x12” Wall Access Panel in Men’s Restroom
  • Remove & Replace Existing Toilet Partitions and Urinal Screens with Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions and Urinal Screens
  • Remove & Reinstall Plumbing Fixtures Including Urinals, Faucets, and Toilets
  • New Angle Stops, Wax Rings, Sink Drainpipe Assemblies, Supply Lines
  • New Pipe Wrap at Unisex Restroom Wall Hung Sink
  • Replace Fire Sprinkler Head Escutcheons at Ceiling Heads as Required
  • Remove, Clean, and Reinstall Exhaust Grilles
  • Remove and Replace Outlet Covers Only (Outlets to Remain) with Stainless Steel in All Three Restrooms

Sq Ft: 1,423

Completion Date: 03/18/2022

Owner: Inn of the Mountain Gods

Location: Mescalero, NM

WSCI Staff

Raul Ruiz

Phone: 575-430-7749