Santa Fe Public Schools - Aspen Community K-8 School Phase 2 Addition & Renovations

The work of Phase 2 will be to construct the classrooms and labs for this 6, 7, & 8th Grade Academy as well as finish necessary improvements not constructed due to time constraints in the Phase 1 build.

This will be a free-standing 2-story building in a Master Plan location for eventual build-out of Student Commons, new cafeteria, public gymnasium restrooms and new kitchen, connecting the Academy to the interior of the existing Aspen School. The building has an exterior staircase for emergency exit, and an interior staircase for travel between the floors. An elevator is also located in the building.

Individual Teacher restrooms are located on each floor. A Teacher Workroom / Collaboration space is located on the second floor. Space for electrical rooms, IT rooms, and general storage have been provided. All teaching spaces will have SMART Boards and sliding white boards.

Each Floor will have 5 classrooms and 2 lab spaces. A total of 4 individual dedicated Project Rooms are located on both floors. These Project Rooms are K-8 features and are intended as group project rooms, individual research rooms, testing, one-one tutoring etc and are not intended for office space nor storage. The Project Rooms are located on the central spine, accessible to all Academy Teachers and have windows for supervision from corridor and classrooms.

The lab spaces that could have more frequent crossover with the K-5 population have been located on the ground floor.

  - One of the ground floor classrooms has been identified programmed and will be stubbed out for electrical & plumbing, as a continuation of the Special Education Program which is highlighted as part of the Phase 1 construction already completed. A Middle School room will allow those students enrolled in the Special Education to continue their education within the Aspen Community growing into the Academy setting. During the Phase 2 construction, accommodations for the Special Education Office and classroom restroom will be accomplished.

  - All included labs have approximate. 1200 square feet. The 1st floor will have 2 lab spaces; The Art Lab is located with large east facing windows for natural studio lighting. The Science Lab will have a fume hood located on the wall and the Teacher demonstration desk will have an eyewash station. A separate storage and Teacher Prep area are located next to the Science Lab with appropriate cabinetry for chemicals, equipment and a sink. This room has a window into the classroom for supervision. 

  - The 2nd floor has a Computer/Technology Lab with data/power located on walls. A separate locked storage room for equipment, keyboards, cameras, cables ect is located adjacent to this lab. The fourth lab which is located on the 2nd story as well is a Flex Lab for electives.

The current Aspen Community Magnet School is operating 3 Kindergarten spaces within the school. Two of these current Kindergarten spaces are slated to become the STEM Initiative classrooms.

  - Renovation of 4 existing regular classrooms will be necessary to construct to State Adequacy, the 3 Kindergartens. A small addition will be constructed on the east end of the building for Kindergarten 3, otherwise all work is renovation within current walls.

  - Installation of individual student restrooms, sinks in each classroom, individual classroom doors to playground, a new janitorial closet, exterior exit, and covered paved area are all features of this work. The new classrooms will have an average clear floor area of 1,150 S.F. not including individual Kindergarten storage rooms and restrooms.

Completion of the new entry to the school is also part of this work. The covered entrance and esthetic features will be constructed.

  - This covered portal, natural light monitor and site path lighting, is a part of the project.  

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Sq Ft: 40,000+

Completion Date: 08/14/2012

Owner: Santa Fe Public Schools

Architect: Claudio Vigil Architects

Location: Santa Fe, NM

WSCI Staff

Mike Ford

Phone: 575-430-7506