Eugene Varbel

Project Manager
2021 - 4 Years - White Sands Construction, Inc.
  • Construction Experience - 27+ Years
  • Plan and manage commercial construction and renovation projects.
  • Coordinate project teams and subcontractor teams.
  • Oversees complete project life cycles, working with architects, obtaining permits, serving as liaison to inspectors and other government representatives, and reporting directly to owners.
  • Performs scheduling and complete project direction throughout each phase.


Major Project Experience:

  • Otero County Detention Center Additions and Repairs—$14M
  • F-16 SEAD/ATF Facilities - HAFB, NM – LEED - $9.2 M
  • NMSU-Carlsbad Computer Science HVAC Renovations - Carlsbad NM- $526K
  • Rams Storage Facility- White Sand Missile Range- $1.1M
  • Holloman Bowling Alley Bathroom/Meeting Room Renovations- Holloman NM-$267k
  • Building 29 Interior Renovations and HVAC Upgrades- Holloman AFB- $3.5M
  • Otero County Fair Ground Pavilion- Alamogordo NM- $1.6M
  • Building 21016 Munitions Storage Door and Electrical Upgrades- White Sands Missile Range NM -$490K
  • MRAP bldg. 1078 Complete Renovation and Crane install- Holloman AFB- $850K
  • Multiple Carl’s Jr Locations - West Texas & New Mexico - $750k - $1M
  • Alamogordo & Deming Retail Buildings - $750 k each
  • High Rolls Senior Center - 1.3M

Education & Certificates:

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