HAFB - AMXS Parts Storage

Construct a new 3,500 S.F. pre-engineered metal building with an 18’ eave height.  A part of the building will be an exterior accessed 25 S.F. storage room. The wall and roofing panels shall be 24 gauge with R-30 insulation for the roof and R-19 for the walls. The building shall be built in an existing asphalt parking lot. The asphalt below the building will have to be removed and then patched at the end of the project to replace any excess asphalt removed during construction. There is an existing masonry wall and footing that will have to be demolished and then reinstalled up to the new metal building to match as close as possible.   The building will sit on a 6” concrete slab complete with footings per code. Any exposed concrete shall have a skid resistance epoxy floor coating applied to it. The contractor shall install a fully electric, insulated overhead door on the east side of the building. The building including attached storage shall include two sets of hollow metal double doors and two hollow metal single doors complete with closers and basic hardware. The interior of the building shall have approximately 2- 17’x17’ offices complete with carpet, sheetrock (TBT), insulation, paint and acoustical ceilings. Each office shall have adequate heating/cooling, LAN, phone lines, lights, and electrical outlets. The entire building shall be heated and cooled completely with pad-mounted gas/electric package unit. The interior lighting shall consist of optimum lighting required and designed by the general and electrical contractor. The contractor shall install new gas service to the heating and cooling unit as well as a condensate drain. The electrical shall be completely new with a pad-mounted transformer. One eyewash/shower unit shall be install complete with new water line back to the main or closest tie in. There shall be approximately 42 feet of stainless steel countertops installed as shown on drawings. Under each countertop there shall be tool drawers designed and installed similar to the A.M.U. building. The entire building shall have a wet pipe fire suppression system complete with 4” underground piping. There will be two grounding points installed in the 6” slab by the electrical contractor. Furnish and install 1-8-bin storage rack in the middle of the building.   

Sq Ft: 3,500

Completion Date: 02/18/2011

Owner: Holloman Air Force Base

Architect: Vision Architecture

Location: HAFB, NM

WSCI Staff

Catlin Curry

Phone: 575-437-7816