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Brown Bag Deli

  • Alamogordo Brown Bag Deli 
    • Turned an existing convenience store into a new sandwich deli.
    • Sq Ft: 2,000 +
    • Completion Date: 06/13/2006
  • Alamogordo Brown Bag Deli -
    • Cosmetic Upgrades Scope of Work for Unisex Bathroom: Protect Existing Bathroom Floor Tile to Remain. Remove & Replace Existing Wall Hung Lav & Faucet, Supply Lines,Escutcheons, Angle Stops, Exposed Drain Assembly, & Insulated Drain Cover. (Neatly Caulk to Wall) Remove & Replace Existing Toilet, Supply Line, Escutcheons, Angle Stop, & Wax Ring. (Neatly Caulk to Floor) Furnish & Install Clean-outs Covers for 3 Exposed Lines at Rear of Building on Southeast Corner of Building Furnish & Install New Minimum 8”x8” or Bigger Wall Tile to 4’ AFF installed Over Existing Drywall with Schluter on top and inside/outside corners. Grout Around Existing Floor Drain to Match Existing. Drywall Above Tile Wainscot Shall be Patched, Match Texture, & Painted. Remove Existing Toilet Accessories and Reinstall - Provide New 18” Grab Bar, 18”x36” Stainless Steel Framed Mirror, Soap Dispenser, and Paper Towel Dispenser Remove & Reinstall Electrical Plates for Tile Install. Install new Stainless-Steel Plates All Existing lighting to Remain Scope of Work for Interior Center Seating Area: Protect Existing Floor Tile & Vinyl Cove Base to Remain. Protect Existing Wood to Remain Remove & Reinstall Seating After Work is Complete Drywall Shall be Patched, Match Texture, & Painted. Furnish & Install New Vinyl Bull Nose Corner Guards Furnish & Install new 1x Painted Chair-rail to Prevent Future Scuffing of Wall at Tables Scope of Work for Walk-in Cooler Replacement: Protect Existing Floor Tile & Ceiling to Remain. Remove Existing Walk-in Cooler Complete Install Owner Furnished Walk-in Cooler Remote Condenser shall be installed on ground outside with 4” concrete Pad protected by two painted bollards. Installer Shall Provide and Install Refrigerant Lines, Condensate Drain, and Line set Cover Installer Shall Provide Stainless Steel Shroud Above New Walk-in Cooler to Existing Acoustical Ceiling Installer Shall Provide Stainless Steel Angles where Walk-in Cooler Meet Wall - Full Height to Close Any Gaps Electrical Sub to Provide Hook-up for a Complete Installation Scope of Work for Exterior Painting: Protect Existing Signage & Storefronts to Remain Prep, Pressure Wash, & Paint Existing Exterior Structure - Up to 3 Colors Caulking as Required Prep & Paint Exposed Wood Soffit, Fascia, Roof Tiles, Etc. Prep & Paint One Existing Hm Door & Frame - Exterior Only Prep & Paint Exposed Electrical and Mechanical Items to Remain Remove & Replace 1 ADA Parking Sign on South Side of Building
    • Completion Date: 10/14/2020