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  • New Mexico Tech - Macey Center Mechanical Renovations
    • Multi-Floor Mechanical Renovation including removing/replacing ceilings, HVAC Equipment, Plumbing, and Electrical. Construct a new HVAC cat-walk as well. Here is the Press Release from NM Tech: Macey Center will get a much needed renovation over the next six months. New Mexico Tech will spend about $1 million on replacing the building’s antiquated and inadequate cooling system. The project will begin mid-September and finish in March or April. The building has been beset with problems caused by the evaporative cooling system – or swamp coolers – for more than a decade, said director Nowka Leviner. The excessive moisture in the building has caused mold and rot in carpet and walls. During summer months, the wooden stage has expanded and buckled, requiring regular maintenance. “I’m so excited,” Leviner said. “We’ve needed this for 10 years. The next few months will be a big hassle for everyone accustomed to using Macey Center, but in the long run everyone will be pleased.” The current system has only three thermostats for the entire building. The new system will have three temperature zones for the upstairs lobby alone and more than a dozen for the building, Leviner said. The Performing Arts Series concerts and other large events, like the N.M. Science Olympiad, will be staged in Macey Center. However, most other events – First Responders Training classes, the Mineral Symposium and the Festival of the Cranes, for example – will be moved to the Fidel Center ballroom or other campus areas. Click Here to View their website
    • Sq Ft: 30000 +
    • Completion Date: 04/06/2012
  • New Mexico Tech - Macey Family Children's Center
    • New construction (approximately 6,004 s.f.) to include two early childhood classrooms and one multipurpose educational room. The building will also include the following support spaces: unisex staff restroom, two child-accessible restroom blocks, a food preparation area, a group work area, a resource room, a break room, Director's office, and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical/IT spaces. Some minor site demolition and grading is included in the scope of work. Sitework shall include the following: Demolition of a portion of existing concrete sidewalks and minor parking lot and site improvements (including new ADA parking -striping and signage only), sidewalks, stairs, and installation of a new refuse enclosure.
    • Sq Ft: 6,004
    • Completion Date: 03/30/2012
  • New Mexico Tech - President's Hall Dormitory Renovations
    • Work of this Contract covers selective demolition and plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and other interior renovations of Presidents' Hall on the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro, New Mexico. Work includes: 1. Removal and replacement of existing plumbing piping; removal, storage, salvage, and re-installation of existing fixtures; and other plumbing infrastructure modifications. 2. Removal and replacement of existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 3. Extension of existing Basement fire suppression sprinkler system to First and Second Floors. 4. Replacement of existing electrical panels and other electrical and lighting upgrades. 5. Cutting, patching, and other selective demolition required to accommodate demolition, repairs, and renovations. 6. Refinishing existing wood floors. 7. Provision of new carpet tile, ceramic floor and wall tile, sheet vinyl flooring, suspended acoustical ceiling panel system, toilet accessories, and other architectural items as indicated on Drawings. Existing building is two story plus basement, 12,900 square foot structure, constructed in 1939 and currently used as a dormitory,
    • Sq Ft: 12900
    • Completion Date: 07/22/2014