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Tularosa Village Hall Renovations

  • Tularosa Village Hall Renovations
    • The scope of this project included interior and exterior renovation of an approximate 5,000 square foot existing stucco-over-wood structure utilized as the town meeting hall. The project included extensive interior demolition and changes to the overall interior room and corridor layouts to meet program requirements. Elements of work included: demolition; new concrete sidewalks, driveways, curbs and gutters; new EPDM roofing system with scuppers, drains, fascia and soffit; exterior three coat stucco system with framed opening decorative build-outs or pop-outs; interior wood stud framed paneling in the Mayor’s office; approximately thirty lineal feet of new lower and upper laminated casework and countertops; hollow metal frames and doors, wood doors and hardware; metal windows and glazing; acoustical suspended ceilings; carpet, vinyl sheet flooring and cove base; significant upgrades to the secondary electrical service; and, new electrical wiring devices and lighting. The project included substantial wood framing and architectural upgrades to convert the existing face of the building to a southwestern style utilizing glulam beams, corbels and trusses. White Sands performed approximately 70% of the work in-house.Improvements included reconfiguration of offices, renovating the building façade to reflect neighborhood character, upgrades to the Council Chamber, upgrades to restroom facilities, installation of new security doors, sealing of front windows and refinishing of exterior walls, lighting upgrades, roof replacement and upgrade of heating and cooling systems
    • Sq Ft: 5000
    • Completion Date: 10/30/2002